Let your fingers do the charting

Do you remember the old slogan by Yellow Pages…“Let your fingers do the walking”?  Now you can say, “Let your fingers do the charting.” Charting a patient encounter could not be easier than just tapping the screen of a tablet.

Our EMR platform was designed with the new tablets in mind.  With large buttons, you can literally chart a patient encounter within minutes without having to create a “template.”  Once you are logged into our EMRx platform, you can begin using it immediately.

As you grow accustom to using the system with your choice of tablet, you will never have to turn away from your patient during an examination and type into a computer.  This will allow you to not only create the documentation of the visit necessary for proper coding but give you the personal relationship between you and your patient.


Touch-phrasing. 100% Customizable.

You may ask, “Just how is this accomplished when I need to make such precise note taking?”  The simple answer is… “touch-phrasing.”  Touch-phrasing allows you to use notes that are already in the platform for your physical examinations.  But, you are not just restricted to those notes.  All of the notes in the system are 100% customizable.  This will give you the freedom to use the existing notes or create a more personalized set of notes for your documentation.

If you are using a tablet and it has a camera you will be able to take a picture and input it directly into the chart notes.  Including being able to make notations and draw directly on that image also using your finger.

Need additional notes?  Then speak directly into the notes area and your speech with be translated into typed notes.

We support all the latest mobile devices, giving you complete access from anywhere.

To fully understand the benefits and see all the features of touch-phrasing, please contact Integra Medical Business Resources for a demo.

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