iClaim – Practice Management System

As a physician, you deserve to be paid what is rightfully yours. And, you deserve to know that your claims are being paid as well.  Integra MBR’s iClaim Practice Management System delivers a seamlessly integrated billing, scheduling, insurance eligibility, and reporting system alongside our integrated clearinghouse. It’s all in one system!


Our web-based practice management system allows you to enter charges, check coding, send insurance claims & patient statements, process credit cards, automatically post payments, print reports, manage denials & collections, scan documents, and more.


You can ensure that claims are clean before you ever see the patients. Eligibility verification is built directly into the scheduling interface.  Since all scheduling features are integrated into iClaim’s practice management system, a pre-visit bill and process of insurance verification occurs 24 hours before the patient’s appointment. The claim is clean from the start.

Insurance Eligibility

The real-time insurance eligibility feature not only provides important co-pay and referral decisions at the point of care, but also creates the entire patient chart with one click of a button, eliminating any erroneous patient information that would prevent payment of your claims.


Whether you want to print a report, export a report in a spreadsheet, or view a report on screen in a color-coded chart is completely your choice.  Our suite of reporting tools makes it easy to run an activity report on a single day’s production or to close out the month, keeping your finger on the pulse of your practice.


Many systems boast as being fully integrated, hosting both a practice management system and an EHR system. But our system finishes the process by including the fully-integrated clearinghouse.  What does this mean to you?

  • Faster and higher reimbursements. But just as important…
  • You will always have ability to review your claims in real-time.
  • With your login access to the clearinghouse dashboard, you will see direct feedback from payers, translated into an easy-to-read Web interface display. Simply stated: no more wondering if your claims are being processed.  Full transparency!

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