As Americans, we love and treasure our rights of independence.

These rights were penned and secured in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence… “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, … that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  And may we add, the right to choose our own doctor.

But what about you? The Doctor? Do you have a choice of remaining independent?

The ever-changing landscape of rules for Medicare, the rise in cost of doing business, and the ever-declining reimbursements, many doctors feel they have no other choice than to join a hospital or university group.  No longer are you able to practice medicine the way you intended.  If this doesn’t stop, where will this leave all of us?

“If a cash crunch forces the death of an independent practice, it robs a community of a vital health care resource.” Kavilanz, Parija. “Doctors Going Broke.”
—CNN Money. Web. 6 January 2012

It is the mission of Integra Medical Business Resources
to provide you a way to remain independent.

Integra MBR provides you updated information of all rules whether it is coming from Medicare or commercial insurance companies.  We understand you and your staff are being bombarded with information everyday with this rule changing and that rule changing.  This is where our staff at Integra MBR helps you navigate through what seems to be uncharted waters of rules and regulations.

Secondly, we will conduct a beginning due diligence to assist you in lowering your cost of doing business by first of all making sure every claim is submitted to the payers as error free as possible.  Knowing it cost a minimum of $25 dollars just to resubmit a claim, Integra MBR’s integration of the clearinghouse, we can correct a rejected claim in real-time.  We will be happy to demonstrate how efficient our claims processing works.

Finally, the only way to keep doctors independent is just simply making sure they get paid and get paid what is owed.  You, as the doctor performed your professional service and it is only right for you to be paid for that service.

Integra MBR will work with you to ensure that you receive every penny no matter if it is owed by the insurance company or by your patients. With insurance companies, we work professionally in making effort of every reimbursement.  With your patients, we treat them with the same care you provided to them.  Bottom line is, we understand that if you do not get paid, we do not get paid.

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