Isn’t it nice when things just work?

This is what you can expect from Integra Medical Business Resources.  Why?  Not only is our billing platform completely integrated with our EMR but also the clearinghouse.

Integra MBR provides an All-in-one solution.

What this means is, all codes are updated at the same time.  So when we update the codes for the billing platform, the codes are updated in the EMR and the clearinghouse.  Never will a claim be rejected because your codes are updated on one platform but not on another.

Total integration also means total transparency.  We have found from our doctors that second from just getting paid is the importance of transparency in their billing.


This is what you WILL receive from Integra MBR.  You will have a direct login to see at what stage each and every claim is from submission to paid.  Never again will you lost claims, rejected claims that are never resubmitted, or “it’s still in processing.”

With one click of a button from your smart phone, computer tablet, or desktop, you will have direct access to each and every claim 24 hours a day.  This is the access that doctors in America should have in their billing – whether you do you billing in-house or have it outsourced.

This is Total Integration at it’s best.

Please contact us to see a demo of the total access to your billing.

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