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Have you ever purchased a new software product only to be frustrated two months later?  Or, see if this rings a bell: you purchased or leased a Practice Management System or Electronic Medical Records system only to find that it creates more of a challenge than a solution.  If this sounds familiar, you are among many other doctors experiencing the same problems.

Many of our physicians say, “We don’t have time to sit down and learn everything that specifically pertains to us.”  So, in order to not waste your investment, you end up just “making do,” using what you and your staff can learn in short settings, but never getting the full value from your purchase.

At Integra Medical Business Resources, we ensure that you will receive all the personal care necessary to avoid experiencing that frustration.

What makes Integra MBR different?

Integra Medical Business Resources provides a combination of functionality-rich EHR and practice management systems with features like speech recognition, support for mobile devices, and solid support for scheduling, billing, and collections.

Although it is important to have technology, features, and functionality, Integra MBR sets itself apart by combining an industry-leading EMR and PMS platform and the following to provide a complete practice management solution:

  • Learning your business inside and out so that we understand your needs and workflows
  • Aligning our goals with your goals to ensure a successful project…this includes aligning our employees’ incentives with your success
  • Customizing our system to meet your unique needs and work environment
  • Training your staff using latest-generation technology including Web-based courses available 24/7, remotely-led courses, and traditional instructor-led courses
  • Implementing your new system and providing intensive support during your go-live period and beyond

Since Integra MBR is physician owned and lead, we understand the importance of taking the time to learn what your practice needs, and will build the implementation process and your training to meet those needs. Additionally, we return soon after completion of your implementation process to help your staff better understand your reporting options, thus helping you to actualize your value.

Seeing your needs, our team is focused on merging the practice of medicine with cloud-based technology. Integra MBR is quickly establishing itself as an industry leader, delivering a fully-integrated solution known as RCI: Real-time Cloud-based Integration. Headquartered in the heart of the medical center in Fort Worth, Texas, Integra Medical Business Resources is becoming a nationally-known solutions provider using a single solution Practice Management and EHR.

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