“I’m a general surgeon in rural East Texas. I’d like to tell you that I’ve looked for Electronic Health Records packages for probably the last four to five years, and looking for a perfect package for a general surgeon has been no easy task. I think they do exist, however, I think they only exist in my dreams! But this EHR platform has been an extremely adaptable system. I think it’s has been very affordable for me, very easy to customize and make [an EHR] a part of my practice that has really streamlined my practice to the point I have very consistent records — much as I did when I was dictating — but I think the material being available to me now in an electronic format certainly is a plus… I hold no reservations in recommending this product… I would say probably the most friendly support staff I have used with any company in quite some time, so I am very pleased with this.”

Ray Morrison, DO

Houston County Surgical Associates
Crockett, Texas

“I practice wound care and hypobaric medicine. Our practice has been using this (EHR) for about 7 months. I have 2 other physicians using it plus a nurse practitioner. We have really enjoyed the flexibility of the program particularly we have enjoyed our ability to make changes on the fly and to be able to save and record those changes. Implementation went really well…we went through a webinar presentation on what to do and how to do it and they demonstrated it to us all.”

Sprague Taveau, DO

OMED 2011 Booth Visitor
Killeen, Texas

“I started using this EHR about a year ago, and I found it easily customizable; I love the Web-based application, the remote access, the ability to use it on my iPad® and check my iPhone® to know what my schedule is. The system is something that works the way that I do, instead of organized by body system; you can also customize it so that we can organize the information by body region. It is a great system, I use it everyday, I love it!”

Jay Segel, DPM

Segel Podiatry
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“The experience with us from a practice management billing standpoint has been absolutely the best, compared to many other products we have used in the market. To be able to place an order, activate the account, and to be able to take a customer or client of ours live within a 24 hour cycle is unheard of in this industry today. At the end of the day, you are concerned with getting the charges in the system and getting the claims paid, and that is what makes it our product of choice.”

Guy Louthian & Ted Hanayik

Physician Services of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

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